Striking a Balance

When McGrath Interiors began this project on a two-year old home in West Chester, the first impression I got was that there was a dichotomy between the formalness of the house, and the relaxed, updated feel that the clients wanted … Continue reading

Large foyer walls II

Foyer Wall1Foyer Wall2

In a previous blog, I showed some pictures of large foyer wall designs.  This house had the same issue, but this client wanted something very simple and understated, so we only did one large “box” on each wall and painted the inside the same color as the rest of the wall.  It was just enough to fill that space without making it busy or heavy looking.

Large Foyer Walls

If you have a home with a two-story foyer, you may have contemplated whether or not to somehow “decorate” those large, bare walls. If you are ready to take the plunge, but are not sure exactly what to do, consider these options:
-You can use ogee molding to break up the space in various sized and shaped “boxes”, and either paint or paper inside the boxes, or leave them plain.
-A more expensive option would be to have wood paneling applied. A design would need to be drawn up, and a professional craftsman would then make the pieces and install them.
-If you would rather keep it simple and put some art work on the walls, there are many options that are inexpensive yet interesting. Let it express your taste and who you are. When shopping, consider the size of the wall, and have the artwork fill a good portion of it, otherwise it will look lost on the wall. The three pieces shown here were taken out of the client’s master bedroom since the colors no longer worked in there. How wonderful that they found a great new home!

Three generous-sized pieces fill the large wall.

Three generous-sized pieces fill the large wall.

Traditional "boxes" can add a little bit of interest to plain walls.

Traditional “boxes” can add a little bit of interest to plain walls.