The right room layout makes a difference

Enjoy browsing the photos below to see the finished product of this renovation. The new furniture layout definitely makes more sense for the existing space.   The overall look has really come together, completed in a refined style with classic navy blue armchairs and softer, more neutral colors throughout. The red bench brings out an exciting pop of color and is complemented by the black and white elements throughout the room.



My clients had tried several different scenarios for this living room’s layout before coming to us for help.  Since the room is fairly large (23′ x 20′), putting all the furniture against the walls created a “frat house” look, as the client said.  Our solution was to move the TV to the other side of the fireplace, and have a sectional sofa in the middle of the space where they could lay down and watch tv, entertain a fairly large group, and even pull up the bench and other dining chairs if the group grows even larger.  There is still room to circulate through the space (the many doors were a bit of a challenge), and there was also room to put a cozy chair and ottoman by the window for reading and gazing at the beautiful view.

I’m excited about the color direction–keeping the area rug and sectional neutral which works with the existing greige on the walls, and creates a calm, cohesive look, but then we added some darker blues, and one red bench for color pop and visual interest.  I look forward to getting everything in and seeing it all put together.  Like Tom Petty said, “the waiting is the hardest part”!



Living Room-Before

Final Plan-2.png

Floor Plan

Final View 1.png

Proposed Room-3D View

Final View 2.png

Proposed Room-View 2, 3D View

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.01.32 AM.png

Furniture and Finishes


Carpet-Monaco Surf.png

Area Rug