Second chance for a classic chintz

When my client told me that she had purchased some curtains off of e-bay and didn’t know how to make them work in her bedroom, my first thought was “uh-oh”.  The uncertainty of repurposing something is always a little scary for me because the results don’t always match the clients’ expectations, due to circumstances beyond my control.

Thankfully, the panels had been cleaned, were in great shape, and were a good height.  All we had to do was have a wider panel cut down to two, to match two others that were fine as-is.  We decided on custom-made french rods and rings, and some pretty leaf hold-backs.  Installation was another factor because the exterior walls of this old stone home are solid stone and plaster.  Luckily, there were no major issues getting the rods up.

The result was a very happy homeowner, who loves how the color and floral pattern brighten and add interest to the bedroom without overwhelming it.  I love the fact that we were able to reuse a beautiful fabric and for a much lower cost than it would have been new.

Rear windows near sitting area

Remade panels



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