“Game of Thrones” in your Kingdom?

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Fireplace/Bar Area

Step into a world of of mystic intrigue…descending a flight of stairs, you are led into an old-world room where you find a crowd gathered by a fireplace and a full bar.  As you move forward, you are enveloped by the feeling that you’ve just ventured into a different century.

This is the idea for our client’s “Game of Thrones”-inspired, themed basement, which McGrath Interiors is in the process of designing. The clients have a collection of old-looking artifacts (think swords, shields and beer steins) that will be hung on the walls and displayed on the shelves.  Their desire is that our design will provide an authentic backdrop for these pieces, which will be the finishing touches to the themed space.  Our challenge is to unite the two kingdoms of modern conveniences and medieval lore.

 In addition to the bar and fireplace, there will be a built-in banquette and table, and a small pub table in the main bar area.   We are also planning for a lounge/TV viewing area, wine storage room, a large gym, powder room, and the unfinished area for storage/utilities.  

The first image below shows the existing bar area followed by a 3-D rendering of our design. Existing beams and columns will get wrapped in distressed, “hand sawn” wood. We will install vertical wooden posts around the perimeter of the main room, and on the ceiling. The areas between them will be refinished to have an old, uneven, and hand-plastered look.  Field stone will cover the columns flanking the bar, as well as the floor behind the bar.  A metal foot rail will adorn the front of the bar.  The bar-back will get custom cabinets with planked doors, with custom iron work on the fronts of the upper cabinets.  All of the appliances will be hidden behind wood panels that match the cabinetry.  (Nothing modern-looking allowed here)!


Bar Area-Before



Bar BackWe selected a variable-width, hand scraped, engineered wood floor, which will cover most of the main area.   All of the doors will be custom-made to look old, with a glass insert in the door to the wine storage room.  This room will have floor to ceiling custom shelving for wine bottle storage, with a sliding shelf to access where beer kegs will be stored.


Wood Flooring

For the windows, new wood trim and diamond/gridded wood dividers, then shutters will be added to heighten the medieval ambiance of the room.  Much of the furniture shown below will be custom-made.  There will be plenty of sconces, candelabras and rugs to complete the old-world feel.  

By using distressed textures and paying close attention to design and details, our clients and their guests will be transported to another world– a perfect place to relax and have a drink, or perhaps lose oneself in a popular television series.    

Basement Floor Plan


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