Master Bedroom with style

Master Bedroom 1

Coming in on the tail end of a project to finish off a room with details can sometimes be a challenging task, but in this case my job was made easy.  Working with Eric from Clerestory Construction, the clients had already selected the paint colors and finishes, including the wall behind the bed, which was made from pine floorboards pulled from the attic of the home.  Eric finished it off with a whitewash and clear coat.  With this kind of texture and color, there is no need for a headboard.  Old boards were also used to make the platform bed with storage underneath.

We selected three different fabrics to make the large pillow covers.  The floral fabric pulls in the plum from the walls, while the other side is more subdued with a pattern that feels very textural.  This side can be used if the client wants other fabrics on the front pillows in the future, or just to change things up a little bit.  A solid taupe is on the pencil welt.

For the windows we selected a natural shade material with top-down, bottom-up function, and a translucent lining to allow some light through.  Not only do they work well with the color and texture of the wooden wall, but they have understated style and lots of functional options, making them a great choice.

Close up of pillows

Close up of pillows

Reverse side of pillows

Reverse side of pillows


Closed shade

Window Shade-half down

Window Shade-top down


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