Restaurant Redesign

Accent wall

Accent wall




After (Stone arch)

When the owners of Fellini Cafe selected me to design their new West Chester, PA location, I was excited to have the opportunity, and we got started immediately.  Demo work had already begun, and the owners had plans to add columns and arches clad in stone veneer, but needed design direction for everything else.  The floor would remain, but the colors of the walls, trim, and ceiling needed to change from the blue and yellow greek theme, to something much more subdued.  Even though this is a casual dining Italian restaurant, they did not want the decor to be too busy, but rather wanted visual clarity with a warm, welcoming atmosphere conducive to experiencing an enjoyable meal out.

A key design decision was to paint the ceiling a dark color to make it recede as much as possible, and also make the grid less obvious.  The ceiling, trim, and furniture are all a dark brown, although of varying shades.  Another important design component is the accent wall, done in a rich rusty red, in order to play off of the warm hues in the stone and also add warmth and color to the large space.  The remaining walls were painted a warm neutral, providing the perfect background for some interesting decorative pieces.

With plenty of space to dine comfortably, patrons will hopefully find the atmosphere as appetizing as their food!

Hostess stand

Hostess stand

Stone detail

Stone detail


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