New cozy living space

LR 1

Main Seating Area

Liv. Rm. 2

Showing new fireplace, shelves and lighting. The TV was relocated to the wall opposite the windows.

Liv. Rm. 3

A door was added for both visual interest, and to keep the sound from going up to the bedrooms. The sandblasted glass also adds privacy.

Mantel Det.3

The mantel was made from a salvaged piece of walnut and has wonderful character.

Before FP:Wind

Before–Fireplace, TV and built-ins.

Lg. Candles

Before Stair Wall

Stair wall-before.

Before-FP Wall

Notice the long window is off-center to the room. We moved it to balance the space and added another small window. This allowed for a better furniture layout.

Fin. Pic. Revised

Proposed space.

Final Floor Plan

The floor plan shows the new symmetry of the windows and the orientation of the furniture to the fireplace and TV. The circulation was also improved.


3 thoughts on “New cozy living space

  1. Cozy, indeed. Love the base colors, the accents, and the textures. The top of the coffee table is beautiful….and the flow-through of color from room to room, as is appropriate. You have my vote!

  2. Very welcoming and comfortable. I love the arrangement of furniture. The panels are beautiful. Love the trim on both edges. I am curious to know where the entertainment/av stand was purchased. Really beautiful project. Nice job!!

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