Latest Design Trends

Through my experiences as an interior designer and staging consultant, I’ve noticed that many homeowners are quite savvy about where they should spend their home- improvement dollars. They know that kitchens and bathrooms are important to update for resale value, but as they’re also much-used parts of a home, homeowners like to improve the spaces they will get to enjoy themselves.

For bathroom remodels, many homeowners are moving away from having huge, space-eating tubs to having a nice, large shower instead. They like “real” materials: tile, stone, etc. but there are also many good-looking products on the market now that are more affordable and will wear well. Styles in this area tend to be more of a transitional look—not too traditional, but not the sleek, contemporary look that is
popular in other parts of the country.

Color continues to play a large part in people’s homes. Homeowners are not afraid to express themselves with color, and are pairing cooler gray tones with warmer pops of color for accenting, contrast, and balance. Using paint in creative, unexpected places is a great, inexpensive way to add color and visual interest to a room. You can also add a bit of shimmer to a space with metallic-based paints either in a glaze, or by itself on trim and/or walls. Lastly, don’t forget about wallpaper. There are some great patterns that can be the cornerstone of the room’s décor. It doesn’t have to be on every inch of every wall. There are ways it can be separated to highlight a certain area, for instance, over a bed.


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