Today’s Design Styles

ImageImageI have been studying design and more specifically interior design trends for many years.  You may have noticed how many featured magazine projects (above photos from Architectural Digest) are much cleaner and more contemporary in feel than those of just a decade ago.  While I like this newer look (who wants their house to look like their grandmother’s?), I find that many of the projects just don’t do it for me.  These two projects combine texture, color and embellishment in very different ways and to varying degrees, but both spaces are inviting and in my opinion, successful spaces.  Of course, an ocean view doesn’t hurt either.  However, other projects that I’ve seen lately may look interesting, but upon closer inspection are not spaces that I would want to spend time in.  As a designer, I think that some embellishment is a good thing.  It’s what makes something look a little bit special–it’s basically eye candy.  It’s why Paris remains one of the most beloved cities in the world.  It’s not the lights, it’s the details that went into everything they built.  So, although I don’t mind working in the current style, I think I will hold fast to mixing today’s clean lines with the comfort of elements that are from another time.