Custom Home Furnishings—Why they’re worth the wait

Whatever your current home improvement project is, you will find numerous– sometimes an overwhelming amount–of choices in home furnishing items. While the local stores will have ready-made, or ready-to-assemble/install items, these may not have the look or quality that you’d prefer. After all, you probably don’t plan to do this project over again for quite awhile, so you want it to last and look good for a long time.
So, you might begin to consider ordering custom-made items. While you’ll notice a cost difference and a longer lead time, what you might not be aware of is exactly what you’re going to get. Take custom window treatments for example. You will be able to order them in any design you like, with the fabric color and texture that you love, and any trimmings wherever you want them. In addition, they will fit your windows and room perfectly, and function how you need them to. They will look like quality window treatments because they are. And you will be able to enjoy them for many years.
Now, let’s talk about the time it takes to get them from the time you put your order in. While computers have spoiled us a bit, and made things easier, they unfortunately haven’t sped up lead times of custom home décor pieces that much. First, as in the case of window treatments for example, your materials need to be ordered, processed and shipped to the workroom. Once your order and materials reach the workroom, it get’s put in “line” and will have to wait until current orders are complete. Then, your order will be laid out, cut and put together by professionals who do their best to move things along, without sacrificing the quality of their work. Then there’s packing, labeling, shipping, and finally, installation. This entire process takes at minimum four weeks, and that’s pushing it. I once had a client order a made-to-order hand knotted rug from Pakistan. It took roughly eight months to get the rug, but when you consider what went into that entire production process, eight months is actually not that bad. The rug was absolutely gorgeous, and exactly what my client wanted.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that while 6-8 weeks, or even 6-8 months may seem like a really long time to wait, trust me, it is totally worth it. You will enjoy your quality, one-of-a-kind, made just for you, item for years to come.


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