Recent home re-organization project

A couple with two young children live in a fairly large town home in Chester Springs.  They purchased nice furniture, and set up the house in the “usual” way.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t working for them.  After analyzing the situation together, we came up with the root of the problem.  The laundry room, just off the garage, was too small to do laundry in, had an awkward closet in the middle of it, and no extra space to house all of the “stuff” brought into and out of the house every day.   McGrath Designs proposed moving the laundry room to the lower level, where there was a good, separate and larger room for that need.  Then we went about re-designing the room off the garage as a mud room, removing the closet, and adding a custom bench, and storage for shoes, boots, coats (including lower hooks that the kids can reach themselves), backpacks, phones, keys, and all the other things we all need to have space for when we come in the door. 

Another problem we addressed was the lack of a good workstation in the kitchen where the homeowner occasionally works when working from home.  She told me what she really needed was good, flexible storage.  The solution: we designed a “credenza” made out of kitchen cabinets, to house trash and recycling, filing for home and work, the printer, and smaller drawers in which to charge laptops and other electronic devices.   The dining room table was brought into the kitchen area, and with a glass top, is very durable and serviceable.  With a new area rug and upgraded chandelier, this space is now clutter-free, and has a cozy warmth to it.  The table that was in the kitchen is now a game table in the family room, and the dining room is serving as a play space for the children. 

These are very customized changes that may only work for a few years.  As their children grow and their needs change, the spaces will be able to change with them.  But for now, the homeowners are quite happy with the fact that their lives have been made easier with better organization, better (and more) storage, and more useful areas on the main floor where they need them. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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